Back to School Like a Boss

The Mommy countdown has begun, and we are ready for the kids to return to school!   I know I am!  Along with the school supply list I’ve got my Young Living Essential Oils arsenal.  I’m equipped with essential oils and products to smooth out  earlier bedtimes, early mornings, immunity boosting,  emotional support, and homework […]

My Man is Being Converted to EOs

“Where’s the Lysol?” Greg asked from the pantry.  My husband always sprays the kitchen garbage cans when he takes the bags out.  (I love this about him.)  What he didn’t know was I was delaying the purchase of the chemically riddled germ spray, hoping he’d start using the non-toxic Young Living (YL) Thieves Spray. So I […]

Young Living Lavender…

…is good for so many body systems it’s been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of oils.” Watch this introductory video This is Young Living. Want to talk to me before signing up?  Go to my website to get my number, I’m Shawn. Ready to Get Started with Essential Oils?         Here is […]

April Means Spring Cleaning

I enjoy earning free products as I replace the cleaning chemicals with safer alternatives! No more getting the sniffles, headaches or having attacks as I clean.  There are many alternative green products, but these are my favorites by far! April is a great time to do the deep cleaning in your home while ditching the chemicals […]

YL Beauty School

This Young Living journey God has put me on has been filled with education, community and excitement. It wasn’t my idea to go to Beauty School in Houston, but God wanted me there. I was was happy to have my partner,  Amy McCollum, of Two F.A.T. Ladies (2FL) fill me in on all the details […]

God uses fungus

I wondered how the birdseed was ending up yards away at the foot of my door and randomly resting on my doormat, each time it rained.  It was a quick observation that got put on the back burner of my mind several times this spring.  It didn’t cause me alarm or make me think second […]

The Essence of Jesus Book

I love Matthew Tart’s The  Essence of Jesus, Essential Oils and the Story of the Cross book. As an avid student of the Bible, I had questions about how plants and essential oils played part in the lives of the ancient culture.  His book has filled in some things for me. He states that even […]

Laundry Soap Safety or Smell?

It took me a while to switch to a safer laundry detergent.  Because of convenience, I first tried Seventh Generation from the grocery store.  It didn’t seem to clean my clothes and I wasn’t fond of the fragrance it had.  Truthfully, we are really tied to the fragrance of the detergent of our childhood, silly as […]

Organize Your Holiday in 5 Steps

As I install my new Ring digital doorbell, I’m reminded of all the packaging and cords that come with a new item.  From usb cords to chargers, electronic gadgets require accessories that need to be stored but can never be found when needed, unless left out all the time. So, when you are unwrapping presents […]