God’s Timing for My Healing

I’ve been battling lower back, hip, nerve pain for several years now. It happened sometime after I used a shovel too long to dig out the Johnson grass out of my hardened clay front yard.  To deal with it, I’ve had x-rays, got shots in my piriformis and back at a pain center. I had to give up my gym membership because my hip muscles seized up after walking half a mile on the treadmill.  I had trouble bending over and lifting my leg to put my pants on.  The small movements my foot makes from the accelerator to the brake on my car aggravated my sciatic nerve pain.  I’ve never weighed more than I am now, because I cannot exercise.  It’s been discouraging.psalm 103

I didn’t grumble or complain much because I was taught to be a tough, positive person.  So, I dealt with the daily limitations and discomfort, and I prayed.  I asked God to take it away and to fix it.  I went through all the things I could think of to do, stretches, chiropractic care, but God wanted me to live with it for a time.  I’d say 3 years, so we talked about it and I kept asking Him to give me total relief and he would make me feel it wasn’t time yet.  I wondered if it would ever happen, but I’d keep praying and believing.

This week, I was about to walk into my favorite nail place and it wasn’t open, so I left.  When I returned, I went a couple doors down and decided  get a reflexology foot treatment and chair massage.  I’d never been to the spa there before but I was intrigued by it, and it was very affordable.  Something (or someOne) was drawing me there. It was such a mommy treat on the first day back to school for my child.  Little did I know God would use this Asian woman to heal me.  I felt the release when she massaged the tops of my thigh after working on my feet reflexologyfor a long time.   I left feeling great and now there is no more nerve pain and my hip is looser.  I can walk freely and don’t have to stop after 1/2 mile or sit to stretch after half an hour on my feet.  It’s hard to believe and I keep testing it to make sure I’m good.

I’ve received a healing and I accept God’s gift and know the time of pain is behind me (no pun intended).  I wonder what work he was doing through me, slowing me down, removing people and things from my life and redirecting me as I sought doctors and treatment.  I do have more empathy for people with chronic pain!  He knew I would post this and give Him the glory!

UPDATE!  ***************UPDATE!******************

It is with a sad heart that I profess this, my hip problem is back.  I know I want to claim healing, and it felt a lot better, but it’s not the time for total restoration (if ever).  My sciatic nerve pain has not returned but my muscle tightness with prolonged standing or walking too many steps is back.  (Pun intended).  Keeping a positive mindset and listening to my body’s limitations.  Maybe it’s time for another reflexology/chair massage treatment!  No long walks for me, yet again the temperatures are still pretty hot here in Texas.

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