MOPs Ideas from MomCon 2015-Part 1

As a mentor mom, I had the privilege to travel with three coordinators from Austin, TX to Indianapolis last weekend.  We attended the MOPs #MomCon2015 at the JW Marriott.  It was fantastic!  I learned a lot, went to great workshops and here is some good stuff from my notes…

Sherry Surratt led a workshop on “Thriving as a Leader in a Thirsty World.”  She insisted we work hard on our prayer life.  That’s directed to coordinators, DGLs, coaches, mentor moms, anyone in leadership. I recommend reading her blog.  She’s been there, done that and is a great source of wisdom and encouragement for women.  Oh, and she is the MOPS CEO and President!

sherry surratt

If possible, get your pastor’s wife or Women’s Min Director involved in your MOPs group.

True thriving happens on the inside.

There will always be people that tell you the shoulds. Other people are going to try to control your leadership. You will get bi-polar comments and can walk away feeling distressed. Don’t be led by compliments or compaints. You will feel drained like Elijah “I’ve had enough.” They come in seasons /moments. Ask God “What do I need?” Elijah needed a nap and food.

She recommended we read

Every leader’s faith, hope and character will be tested. Will they quit or thrive?

Sherry warned us to watch out for burn out in ourselves and our co-leaders.  How do we know it’s burn out?  When we want to isolate,  when we become cynical towards our service, lead with our emotions (over-react), it’s not fun to serve anymore, we resent serving, we begin to avoid what brought us joy.

To help get the conversation started , as mentors, we can ask our leaders (and ourselves & each other), “What’s the most draining thing about MOPS leadership?” “What’s the most draining thing about motherhood?”  Listen and encourage your leaders.  Pray with them.

Seven things to fight burn out:

1)Process privately when you lead publicly,

2)Acknowledge hurts – grieve, breathe and move on,

3)Put yourself first when it comes to spiritual growth & don’t let anything get ahead of that,

4)Engage a spiritual walk that has nothing to do with MOPS,


5)Surround yourself with a small group that will tell you the truth and lean into people that can help you.  God uses solitude but never isolation (satan will set you up for isolation.)

6)Admit when you need a break (take a nap and eat a cookie).  Smart leaders take breaks and surround themselves with people they enjoy.

7)Don’t give up, especially when you feel like ti the most.  Sam Chand wrote Leadership Pain. Leadership is hard, and we grow in the hard (that’s why it takes the full armour, ladies!) Be able to say, “I need prayer.”

So, mentor moms, follow up questions are, “Why do you thin it’s the most draining?” “When you feel like running on empty what did you do that didn’t work?” and “What worked best to rejuvenate you as a leader?”

I hope these notes and ideas help you become a better leader, mentor mom!

Next post will be from my notes on “The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Your Journey of Influence” by Jodi Detrick.

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