My Food Journey-Part 1

Physical things have been getting hard for me to do, since putting on the last 20 pounds, like reaching my feet to put my socks on and shoes on.   It’s made me sad for myself and the young person I see myself as.  I am almost 48 and have been a plus size girl for most of my adult life, but I haven’t looked at myself as too fat.  Truthfully, I don’t really look at myself in the mirror much.

Shawn Leann Josh
I’m the one on the right with my younger siblings.

Like an old person I have a pillbox full of morning and evening pills.  I’m on several daily medications for issues that stem from having Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), such as  insulin resistance, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Recently I’ve become hypothyroid, which requires another prescription.

I love food and my diet is very high in carbohydrates, because my body doesn’t process starchy,sugary foods productively.  I crave them sooner and more than people who metabolize normally.  My body also gets very sleepy about an hour after eating too many carbs or a large quantity of food,  especially snack foods between meals.

What I eat and when I eat are important, but I’ve been on this carb and sleepy feeling roller coaster for years.  I’ve tolerated it and having low energy has become normal.  It’s the frog in the pot analogy, I’ve become used to feeling poorly so I have accepted it for myself and I’m not jumping out of the pot to save my life.  Until now.

I started the Ideal Protein program with my endocrinologist.  I’m eating so much less calories and the types of food my body can handle.  I started feeling great within three days of going off carbs.

My self talk is getting more positive and I’m very proud of the success I’ve had after my first weigh in.  I can feel my clothes getting looser and haven’t had the desire to take my daily 2 hour naps.

In part 2, I’ll share more about the program I’m on.  Stay tuned!

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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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