Holiday Blues!

I admit it.  I miss my family from Thanksgiving week thru Christ-mas.  I’ve lived far away for over 20 years.  My parents and sister and her family celebrate together, while my brother and his family celebrate overseas.  My family of three are celebrating alone this year.  And I am off carbs, which is my go to drug of choice during stressful times.

I’ve made the most of it and have had many “Friendsgivings.”  This year, we have no plans and while I’d love to invite students from the University or  family friends who don’t have family near, my dear husband doesn’t have the hospitality gift like me.  He is an introvert and enjoys quiet.

My gift to him is creating a calm home for the holidays.  But I’m an extreme extrovert, so I enjoy giving and serving outside the home.  My heart is happy to do what he desires and I cope with the one day at home on Thanksgiving and Christ-mas.

I still have loneliness and miss the social aspects of the holidays.  So now that I’m an oiler, I’ve got a new strategy for fighting loneliness of not having a bustling home over the holidays.  I’d like to share it with you, because I know others are fighting variations of this ugly emotion too.

Let me know if you try these oils or want to get some to try.  May you know you are not alone and these blues buster blends brings you some comfort until the negative feelings pass and we carry on with life.  One day at a time!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Loneliness (2)

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