My Food Journey – Part 2

Oh boy, did I really want to eat carbs today!!  But I didn’t.  I’m so proud of myself, and I’ve not been tempted, while in ketosis.  What is “ketosis,” you ask?  WebMD defines it as a normal metabolic process, something your body does to keep working. When it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead.

The first ten days, I was losing water stored in places it didn’t belong.  As I go further into the carb starve, as I call it, I will be burning fat.  The goal is to save my muscles and stay on a high protein, low fat,  veggie rich diet.

It’s been hard transitioning from packaged salty snacks to veggies I wash and prepare, but I’m feeling so good.  I don’t crave the snacks and crash after the snacks.  It’s freedom from the haunting of food my body couldn’t break down into energy for me very well.  Freedom from cravings is quiet.  My mind has really slowed down bouncing from food thought to food thought.


I’m running on a little over 1,000 calories, so I’m not moving very fast or exerting myself.  No exercise is good for me right now…I can do that!!

Ideal Protein (IP) is created to burn fat and lose weight fast.  Phase 1 consists of 3 packets of protein high food mixes, like soup, a drink or things like a chocolate chip waffle.  I eat eight ounces of lean meat and 4 cups vegetables and drink at least a gallon of water a day.  Plus I get the supplements I need.  I’m not allowed sugar, dairy, breads, pastas or starchy vegetables.

What about coffee?  Yes, I can now drink it black!  Plus I have to add water to my gallon for every caffeine beverage I drink.  My bladder is adjusting too.  Ugh!

The healthy food training process has not been that bad, but now I’m getting bored.  That’s where I go to Pinterest and look up recipes made with IP food mixes.   I’m thankful like trying new healthy veggies, like bok choy; and I’m getting a taste for them.  One consolation is I can have dill pickles!  The good crunchy kind are the best!

The diet continues in phase 1 until I’m at my goal weight or want to take a break.  I’m far from my goal weight and Thanksgiving is in two days.  I will have turkey and veggies, while my family have the mashed potatoes, rolls and pie.  (No tears here, I’m the one who is stubborn to stick to this!) I’ll move to phase 2, 3, 4 before taking a break; but I’m in this for the long haul.  It’s been worth it.  I’m feeling great, my chins are decreasing, and my creativity is increasing.

I’ll talk about phases 2-4 and more next…

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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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