My Food Journey-Part 3

I’ve learned a lot about myself recently on the Ideal Protein diet.

#1 I am definitely a food addict,

#2 The stricter the regime better,

If I’m given too many (carb) choices, it’s overwhelming and I’ll cheat, but given a limited amount of (carb) choices motivates me to become creative in how to use them. I know, it really makes little sense, but it’s how my mind works.

#3 My monthly hormone surges are stronger than I realized.

I recenlty had a very rough week.  I was moody, had sugar cravings, and have even had a cheat day. After four weeks of adhering strictly on the food plan, even through Thanksgiving and one Christmas party, I caved one evening.  That reminds me,

#4 Evenings cravings are the worst for me.

I’m amazed how good I can be for so long and surprised at how easily I can get tripped up.  It’s not about will-power alone, but it’s about a whole lot of things.  The mental game of dieting and overcoming a food addiction takes work.  It’s one step forward and two steps back sometimes, and always a large dose of grace for myself.

Thanks to my F.A.T. friend, Amy McCollum (at; who talked me down from the hormone ledge!  She knew just what to say to help me get my drive back in gear!  (F.A.T. stands for Faithful, Available & Teachable).

I cannot do this alone and need lots of Holy Spirit guidance and encouragement from others.

the same brain circuits that trigger cravings play a substantial part in consumption behaviors linked to comforting negative emotions.”

So, after having ice cream for dinner last night and finally getting my cycle, I can say,  I’m doing well.  I’m having a protein shake, coffee with IP vanilla drink as my cream, and will be back on track again.

Of course, my gut was bloated this morning from the inability to properly digest the lactose in the ice cream, so I rubbed Young Living DiGize essential oil on my abdomen clockwise starting at my lower right side–which is the flow of digestion.

If this...then this...

(You can get DiGize at

I laid in bed for a while and thought about all that I had eaten and why. I forgave myself for being compelled to eat carbs.

Just now at my computer desk, I see Isaiah 35:4 “Tell everyone who is discouraged, Be strong and don’t be afraid!  God is coming to your rescue…” typed on a piece of paper I printed of 33 verse to remind us – We Do Not Have to Fear.  I printed it out to encourage someone else, but it seems appropriate for me this very moment.

You see, it’s a journey to look at myself and my weaknesses as well as following a food protocol and losing fat pounds.  My heavenly Father knows me the best and loves me the most.  So, I can give myself this attention, care and patience.  I’m worth it.

I’m learning that food really is addictive, and now there is scientific evidence to prove it, which helps me give myself grace. In the article “Science of Food Addiction”© Phil Werdell, M.A (

A final expert mentioned in Park’s writing is Dr. Gene-Jack Wang, head of a team of researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. Wang conducted experiments to “observe how the brain’s chemistry encouraged overeating by associating positive feelings with consumption,” he writes. What Wang learned is that “the same brain circuits that trigger cravings play a substantial part in consumption behaviors linked to comforting negative emotions.”

observe how the brain’s chemistry encouraged overeating by associating positive feelings with consumption

In my expedition to find out why I am addicted to food, I’ve realized it is tied to not allowing myself to show my negative emotions.  I’ve been realizing this for a few months and working on being angry, sad or upset in front of safe people.  It’s been freeing to be able to reveal my real emotions to others and even myself.

I’ve been lying to myself and others about when I feel upset about things for so long, and eating carbs to make myself happy again.  It’s a horrible cycle.  I have trained my body to rely on carbs when I am upset.  So, a new thing I’m learning about myself is

#5 Showing my negative emotions is good for me.

Unfortunately, the best way to beat food addiction is abstaining from carbohydrates, but what happens when I am upset the next time?

And the food journey continues…




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