Zyto Tool Shows What Young Living EOs You Need

You body is talking to you.  The question is, “Are you listening?”

What if there was a way to hear what your body was trying to say & see what support your body needs to assist in achieving a balanced state.

There is a way and it is called a Zyto compass.  You don’t have to be an aromatherapist or medical professional to find out which Young Living essential oils or Young Living therapeutic supplements that your body needs.


The Zyto Compass will help you and take out the guess work. Think of this like a GPS for your car that helps you go in the right direction, so the Zyto Compass helps find the optimal essential oils and supplements your body needs immediately.  No testing and days of waiting.

This is a simple process using a bio communication device to see what your body need to support and assist the body in the process of correcting imbalances in your body. The scan takes 2-5 minutes.


Watch the following video for a thorough explanation of the scan and your results.


Our family’s personal testimony consists of many scans.  I feel the last couple of Zyto scans for my daughter, 15, are good examples of how it showed exactly what Young Living product she needed.


One scan showed she needed Dragon Time and Sacred Frankincense, after she had a disappointment making her emotionally drained, and it could tell she was imblanced hormonally (she happened to by cycling.)

Another time the results for her were for the Young Living Oil called “Believe.”  She had just talked to me about an art competition she wanted to enter.  She wasn’t sure she should do it.  Wow!  The Zyto Compass picks up on the emotional aspects of our lives as well as imbalances of our body systems.


There is so much to learn about the hundreds of products made and sold by Young Living. I like having several resources, like the Reference Guides, Young Living website, Sponsor Facebook Pages with personal testimonies, but I feel the best way to decide what my body needs is the Galvonic Skin Response with the Zyto Compass.


If you want to get a Zyto Compass for your family or business, use this link.

If you want to start using Young Living Essential Oils, we’d love to have you on our team! Two F.A.T. Ladies


One of the perks to signing up with our team (and being near Central TX) is a FREE Zyto scan with a Premium Starter Kit, along with a spiral Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential oils.




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