My Food Journey – Part 4

So my Ideal Protein diet has been working very well.  I’ve lost 35 pounds and 18 inches.  I feel great and have gotten a lot of encouragement to keep going.  Only 65 more pounds to a healthy BMI.

35 # (1)


I gave myself a break to celebrate my birthday on Thursday, Feb 4.  I couldn’t wait until then, so we ordered deep pan pizza on Thursday night.  The bread dough was worth the wait and I put the first piece in my mouth and just breathed in the yeast smell!  My addiction is real!  So today is Sunday and I’ve given in to carbs until today and I must begin my no carb meal plan again tomorrow.  It makes me sad, but I know it’s totally worth it!

I’ve already gotten off two medications and hope to get off one more!  I will be staying on my staten, unless my cholesterol off it is greatly improved; but I doubt it will be given my family history.  Getting off high blood pressure medicine and one cholesterol medication is truly a blessing.

So, I must confess I thought my body wouldn’t handle the grains, fat and sugar as well as it did during this IP hiatus.  I rubbed (Young Living) DiGize on my tummy once, after the pizza; but I felt fine otherwise.  No sugar crashes that were too much, just felt a little sluggish after being on a sugar buzz at first.  Getting physically smaller definitely works better for me and my metabolism.

I look forward to losing the next 20 pounds and another clothing size, putting me back in the XL range of women’s clothing.  Cuter clothes and more shopping is in my future.

I’ve got several trips this summer and want to be able to sit in the airplane seat without my hips touching  both sides of the armrests.  I want to be able to walk without getting out of breath and have good stamina to see the sights.

It feels good to be able to put on my socks and shoes without getting winded, let’s see where this next leg of my food journey takes me…

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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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  1. Denise

    Nathan and I are also on the Ideal Protein diet because of his heart problems. We have each lost fifty pounds and feel great. We are also taking a little break right now and it has been fun to eat a few of the foods we have missed. Keep up the good work friend!

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