My Food Journey – Part 5

So, I gained almost 5 pounds after indulging in carbs for my birthday weekend (Wed eve thru Sunday).  How easily is comes back on after it’s so much sacrifice to get it off.  Oh well, this is the roller coaster of life and food.  I enjoyed every bite and had a reason to cheat. Turning 48!

35 pounds heavier
35 pounds lighter

I’m strong and back on it, although  and let my “Biggest Loser” weight loss challenge team down at work.  I wasn’t the only one who didn’t lose on my team.  We all struggle with eating holidays, like the Super Bowl. And we are on it again.  Getting back on the horse and having weekly weigh-ins is the accountability I need in this stage of the game!

I’m glad I found a plan that works for me and I can have grace for myself when I fail.  I’ve learned to see myself as strong for making it this far and that is very important.  Others see me as strong and I work to be strong but don’t always believe I am.

Change Your Brain

One of my life’s accomplishments that remind me that I’m strong is finishing my bachelor’s degree at a University at the age of 30.  I was a full time student for 2.5 years and went to every class and worked thru my test anxiety.  I had to redo papers over and over at the writing center because I didn’t know how to write.  Now I am writing a blog.

Another great accomplishment was creating an international adoption dossier and getting our daughter from Eastern Europe 15 years ago.  Yes, we went there and immersed ourselves in her country in the winter for 3 weeks and God provided her for our family.  Traveling with an infant for thousands of miles while bonding with her and she attaching to us was a tough but great experience.

I also know I can change my brain by diffusing my Young Living Essential Oils!  That’s why some blends are named “Believe,” “Valor,” and “Joy!”  I can also hold an expansive pose for two minutes, which means extending my legs and arms with my head up and my chest out.  The last trick I have learned to do is called cognitive reframing.

We need to remember the hard things we have been able to accomplish, when we are working hard at something.  Putting in the effort and pressing on another day.  I’m excited to get to my goal BMI, even though it’s farther than it was at last posting.  I can do this! (And you can do the hard thing that is set before you too!!)  We can DO THIS!

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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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