Seasonal Prevention with YL Oils

Allergies are high in the winter around these parts!  We have a bad cedar season and refer to these allergy fits as “Cedar Fever.”  It may take a newbie a few years to become allergic to the juniper pollen, which causes symptoms like headaches, itchy eyes, an itch or runny nose. Each local allergy report depends on the weather, and some weather reports also include pollen counts.


“Some areas of the country are more susceptible to pollen and other allergy-inducing particles. Pollen thrives in dry, windy weather where it can ride the wind to travel long distances. On the other hand, pollen cannot travel when it rains because the pollen particles get trapped in water droplets. By checking your local weather forecast, you can determine a good approximation of your local pollen count. If it’s dry and windy, the pollen count will be high; if it’s rainy, the pollen count will be low.


This carries over into the typical climate for your region. In some of the arid regions of the Southwest, pollen season begins around January and lasts through mid-October. Their climate is consistently dry and windy, the perfect recipe to spread pollen.

Other areas of the country, like the North, have much higher average rainfall amounts and thus are less susceptible to high daily pollen counts. Their colder climate means that plants bloom later as well, prolonging the onset of the local pollen season.”

Antihistamines, Steroids, or Essential Oils?

You can get prescriptions to treat the symptoms of allergic reactions, and you can use Young Living, Grade A, essential oils to treat them and boost your immune system at the same time.

Fight plants with plants!

If you’ve never tried using peppermint for a headache, which is faster acting and has zero side effects.  I’m happy to send you a free sample!  You can boost your immune system with a daily dose of Ninxia Red drink, made from Wolfberries and essential oils.  Using Thieves oil in the diffuser, on your skin or in your water also boosts your lung function (and it smells like Christmas!)


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