You’ve Got to Be Crazy! Using Essential Oils for Emotions?

If you’re dealing with nagging feelings you cannot shake, like holding onto past hurts, anger or frustration, negative feeling toward others; why not try wearing Young Living essential oils?  We have some designed to help you release hurt feelings and negative emotions or negative memories.  They can help you move past emotional barriers to higher awareness, while supporting your physical and emotional well being and give you a second chance.  You can get the boost you need to release anger, forgiveness and reconnect with your identity.

Do you have the inability to enjoy the present and are dealing with low self-esteem?  What if I told you to apply 2 drops of Forgivenss behind your ears, 1 drop of Harmony on the edge of your ears and wear 2 drops of Inner Child on your wrists today?  For one thing, you’d smell AMAZING!

Essential Oils have been used in natural, ancient medicine for thousands of years and come directly from the earth God spoke into being.  There are no side effects of using these oils and they can assist you in harnessing a new life and leave your old one behind.

Science says our reactive memory system is programmed through experiences.  We know our memories can be triggered by smell through the limbic system in your brain.  Language and use of words doesn’t really work like oils do with the Reward Cascade shown below.

Safe Feelings &Reduce Stress (1)

When your heart has been hurt and trust has been lost, you can accelerate your mental reprogramming work with the use of the Young Living Essential Oils Feelings Kit.  There are six oils containing blends made from high quality, Grade A, oils.

Look how many oils are in each therapeutic grade blend:

  1. Forgiveness, 15 oils
  2. Harmony, 17 oils
  3. Inner Child, 8 oils
  4. Present Time, 3 oils
  5. Release, 5 oils
  6. Valor, 4 oils

Want to see the list of oils in each, you can view it on my Young Living website.

You can do this at home and do not have to pay a doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor; but I highly recommend complimenting your daily oil routine with these professionals.  But know, they may not be on board with oil use because they have been mostly been trained in Western medicine and the use of pharmaceuticals.  If you can find an M.D. who supports use of essential oils for health prevention, stick with them!




Any medical or health information on this website is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, cure, or treat any illness or disease. Neither are the products mentioned on this website meant to do the same. Information here is strictly for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Please seek a qualified health professional of your choice when making health choices for yourself or any member of your family.

Anything you read on this site referring to Young Living Essential oils or a food or recipe item is my own opinion and informational purposes only, not approved by the FDA.



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