Why Essential Oils?

I was resistant to the idea of using oils on my body, now I even use them for my soul care!

I love how you a simple recommendation can help one  make the leap of faith to begin using a certain product.  It takes suggestion then initiative to begin something new. We all are believers in something.  In what we believe is the question.

Sometimes things have to get really bad for you to need to spend “that kind of money” on an item or sometimes it’s because you have a moment of  feeling adventurous.

Over the last 50 years, companies have sold us on their products that they say will change our lives.  Big companies create things in a lab and they are manufactured for the masses and they try to make us believe we need them by spending $millions on advertising them.  Americans have stores filled with thousands of products made by these companies to choose from for our daily needs and desires. All we have to do is go to the market, pick it out, pay for it and begin using/enjoying it. And if we like it, we share our discovery with others.

What if we were forced to stop and consider WHY we use a certain brand (whether it is a name brand or store brand).

Nowadays we are beginning to consider who was injured in the making of “this product.”

And even further more, now we consider who do we want to stand behind/support when we purchase this product.  Do enslaved children make it?  Is it a company we share beliefs with?

So, why did I choose essential oils from Young Living?  Because I was invited to try them and Amy McCollum insisted I would enjoy them.  She loves them and she was right, I do too. I’m learning to incorporate them into my life and those who have joined my team.

Do I share oils with friends, like Amy did with me?  Yes, I share my oils, like I share recipes or opinions on products or the best way to get to a destination.  I enjoy helping people, teaching others, and promoting the best items from the company I work for.  We all have opinions and share them daily, whether we are knowingly trying to promote them or not.

I share my oils, like I share recipes or opinions on products or the best way to get to a destination.

Think about it, would you prefer to build your immune system by getting the flu shot or diffusing and wearing a pendant with the essential oils blended of several plants that kept people alive during the black plague?

Do you like to drink caffeine powder with artificial colors and ingredients hard to pronounce or would you prefer to drink 1 ounce of a daily supplement with all natural ingredients for stamina and vitality?

Do you prefer prescription hormone medication or wearing oils that have molecules small enough to penetrate your skin in minutes?

Would you wear a drop of  an oil called “Harmony,” “Joy,” or “Forgiveness” if you believed it could help you deal with those personal issues?

I’d love to share my oil world with you!  It only takes an online order and the bottle comes in the mail in a few days.  I’m happy to assist you in the education and application of the hundreds of products that I believe are worth sharing!!

I shamelessly promote Young Living Essential Oils like I promote a life with Jesus.  All it takes is a mustard seed of faith to give it a try!!

Begin your oil adventure with me!





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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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