Young Living EOs for Special Needs

I have grandmas, mothers, friends of children with disabilities who ask if my essential oils can help them.  My answer is a resounding YES.  The research isn’t complete but the mom labs results are in.  You can help children with issues like  A-ism and A-___D, anxiety and other brain wiring issues.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing!

Ask your friendly essential oil person for the oils on the list below, or become a wholesale member ( yourself.  Invest in one oil at a time on the list in the graphic below.  You’ll get Frankincense, Peace & Calming, and Lavender in the kit. Diffuse 5-8 drops in your diffuse in your child’s room overnight (the home diffuser which comes in the kit has an intermittent button to make it run longer).  If you child doesn’t like the way it smells, start it after they are asleep.  Let the beautiful oils particles from the plants God made for us penetrate their brains.  The phenols, sequesterpenes and monoterpenes will clean their mind’s receptors and help make them work more effeciently.   Observe any changes in your child’s behavior each morning and make a mental note of them or write them down.

Repeat with the same recipe, like 4 drops Lavender and 4 drops Vetiver, for a week.  Does your child sleep more soundly?  Seem less irritated when under stress?  Have less social issues at school?  Good.  You can change the recipe if you want to.  Next try 4 drops Peace & Calming and 4 drops Valor or whatever combo you want in the diffuser overnight.  Each person will react differently to the combination and it’s like an experiment to see what works best for your particular person’s needs. The oils will work, but it takes work on your part to get the right recipe for your child.

Eventually, if you haven’t already, show your child the oils and let them put a drop on their wrist, after they inhale it from the bottle and dont’ mind the smell.  Be creative with the names of the oils, so your child can get excited about them.  Is your child a Star Wars fan?  Call it “Luke’s Lavendar”  or “Vador’s Vetiver.”  You are this child’s parent and you know them better than anyone.  This adventure with oils is yours to share with each other.  I’m just offering tools for your parenting toolbox.

The supplement items in the bottom two boxes are not oils but do contain essential oils.  Check out the products in the catalog at the website .  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shawn at the number listed on the website.  I must disclaim I am not a doctor or medical professional and share the information from research and personal experience.  My daughter was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and the only way she stayed in public school was to take her meds and use essential oils when she felt overwhelmed.  Her personal testimony is a 100% turn around and it makes this mama’s heart happy to see her flourishing in an environment that once crushed her spirit.  She has tools to use in class and has even shared her scents with her friends.

It is my desire to see solid research for these kids issues and cures.  I’d love to support you in the meantime with the highest quality, natural, potent essential oils Young Living has to offer.


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