I am amazed!

The things we tolerate in our daily lives amazes me.  The broken faucet which takes 30 minutes to fix and causes a higher water bill.  The clothing item that needs repaired and we wear it imperfect.  The gas gauge that gets closer and closer to empty, but we drive past filling stations until it’s beyond the  “E”.  We ignore the physical signs that we are ill or we push through the stress and forget to just breathe.

Why do we ignore the signs until they become too loud to ignore? Are we too tired? Too busy?  Too apathetic?

What if we slowed down and addressed these things before they nagged loudly?  Like a child who calls “Mom” 25 times and each one she uses more voice.

I’ve decided to simplify my life along with a lot of other moms.  Less clothes equals less laundry, less toys equals less mess, less chemicals equals a healthier lifestyle.  Less is more.

One thing that is g r o w i n g in my journey to simplification is my Young Living Essential Oil collection.  I know it sounds counter intuitive, but when you consider having the correct tools for the job instead of many tools which really don’t work, it’s brilliant!

I used M-Grain on the back of my neck and diffused Raven and Eucalyptus Radiata overnight; and I could breath freely and slept better.  Sleep is key and I love things that assist me in sleeping better!  My days go better when the quality of my sleep is good.

What do you collect-

I know I’m getting quality with this brand.  I enjoy learning how I can use one plant based product for many different issues.  My collection journey and educational journey have made me feel more equipped to help my family and I live more abundantly.  I see this collection as an investment.

Watch this 30 second video and check out Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise to Families.

I’d love to talk to you about starting a collection like mine.  Which oils come in the starter kit and how to use them.  Which oils to put on your wish list which products would make you the queen or king of your castle, simplifying and prospering your kingdom from your collection and not waiting to address issues that come up each day.



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