Guest Post: Re-remembering Young Living Oils

By Tracy Belcher

Between 12 and 20 years ago, I was introduced to Young Living Oils. Peace and Calming was my first. I only remember that, at the time, I was super-stressed and tired. Very, very tired. You know, that special kind of tired; the tired that does not allow for sleep. My best friend at the time was visiting from out of state. She said, “I have something that will help.” “Groovy. I’m in!”

She pulled out this magical looking little bottle and explained that she would put some of the contents on the bottoms of my feet, my shoulder blades, over my heart, on my temples, and under my nose. “Okay,” I said. No questions asked….very against the grain of my character.

The smell hit me like….not sure, but it was unlike any other thing my olfactory senses had experienced. I thought I would vomit. The scent was unidentifiable to me at that time. Later, I would learn that that particular reaction was not uncommon due to our ‘conditioning’ of artificial scents. I was told to lie down. And. Be still. ‘Still’……..not my strong suit. Within seconds, my entire body began to relax. Within five minutes, I was asleep. Dead asleep.

I looked up her phone number and immediately sent her a text inquiring about the availability of the Purification and Peace and Calming oils.

Fast forward to the year 2015. I was at work and updating the shop’s Facebook. Noticing that one of the shop’s customer’s, Shawn,  had  made a posting about Young Living oils, my entire body began to vibrate. ‘I remember that!  Young Living oils!!!! They are the bomb!’ I looked up her phone number and immediately sent her a text inquiring about the availability of the Purification and Peace and Calming oils. She told me I could have both of the oils by the end of the week.

‘Whaaaaat?’ By the end of the week?’ How was that possible? Back in the day, it took at least a month to receive the Young Living products. Boy howdy! Those days are gone. Young Living is now an international company and I am able to receive products overnight.

One of the most recent and, yet again, amazing stories about Peace and Calming occurred in my life only days ago. It involves a little grey terrier dog who literally walked into my life one stormy night in Memphis about 9 years ago. As he waltzed in my door,  he was soppin’ wet and covered with what looked like, the foam emitted from a fire extinguisher. To this day, when a storm comes up, he loses it. Really loses it. For hours and hours. Until he is panting uncontrollably and cannot be consoled.

A recent and very ‘expressive’ storm, replete with thunder and lightning, came upon the city one night. Little dog was undone.  Instinctively, I scooped him up in my arms wanting to make his boo-boo better, forgetting that this tactic never worked. Still didn’t. Struck by the thought, ‘I have something for that,’ I ran downstairs and grabbed a sample packet of the Peace and Calming. I ripped open the packet and poured every single drop directly on his belly. Within seconds, he quit shaking. Within moments he fell fast asleep.

‘Oh yeah, I remember now.’

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