Feelings Lesson: Sadness

It’s May and time for graduations.  I am reading on my Facebook feed how sad mamas are to have their youngest child graduate preschool.  I also see pictures of kids graduating from high school to soon attend college or from college to enter the workforce.  I almost have a high school junior, so it will be me in this hard place in two years.

I am currently studying emotions to aid my emotional congestion but have no trouble being sympathetic to others feelings.  I’ve come across the emotional circle before, and here is a comprehensive one I found.  I think it’s really neat to give me graduated perspective and words for my feelings. (Plus I love all things in rainbow color).   Plutchik emotional color wheel

Wouldn’t it be cool if we new when we’d be sad and had a tool to help us through it.  Not over it, not under it, but through it.  Well we do have tools for it, several in fact.  Some are healthy and some are not.

Let’s say, in April, since  we know our high school student will be graduating in a month, we do an emotional cleanse of sorts.  We lean into the emotions and have them, not just cope with them or bury them.  We enjoy the highs and lows of transitioning our child from our home to college or trade school.  We’ve had 18 or so years to teach, train, correct, enjoy, hug, laugh with, and school our kid; but now we must let them go and use those lessons and skills on their own.  And we know there will be learning via failure.

So we drink in their appearance because we know we won’t see them as much, especially if they go away to college.  We memorize their features and have their senior pictures taken (our favorite is the one where they look the most naturally themselves).  We oscillate between feelings of anticipation of their future and grief of their physical presence.

So instead of pouring a glass of red wine and calling a friend to reminisce about our days being a parent of this wonderful school aged child, we fill our diffuser with water and drop in 2 drops of Acceptance and 2 drops of Orange and call our friend.  We talk as we have our filtered glass of cold water with a drop of Lavender in it. We brave the path through emotions and don’t fear having them.

Cheers to Healthier Emotions!

We chat for 15 or 30 minutes, inhaling the tiny oil and water particles directly thru our limbic system in our brains.  We’ve exercised our emotions in a healthy manner and built the relationship with our adult friend by talking.  It’s like a big ol’ boost to our sanity.

When we are having that graduation party a few weeks later, we run Joy, Lemon and Bergamot in the diffuser to make memories of a loving time.  We wear Peace & Calming II as perfume and live each and every moment as we bravely scale our emotions. It doesn’t have to be a defensive move, we can move through part of this life in offensive mode.

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils? I’m happy to discuss which ones would benefit you where you are in life right now.  Many of them are kosher and all of them come from the best farms in the world.

Feelings are real and we should be having our real feelings,






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