U R Invited!! Brave Women’s Conference

Ya’ll, I’m so excited for the 2016 Brave Women’s Conference (Brave) to get here October 7-8th! I’ve been part of helping plan it for several years, this is the 5th year for it to be in Austin. This year’s keynote speakers…yes, we have two, are Annie F. Downs and Kasey Van Norman.  These ladies are authors and speakers who know something about being brave. They live it!

You see, I am the assistant to the bible lovin’ gal who started the annual Brave Women’s Conference, Kat Cannon.  She serves as the  Women’s Ministry Director of Austin Oaks Church, where the event is held.  Together with a volunteer committee, we’ve been working for months to pray and plan Brave.  It’s a labor of love and many months and countless hours are put into creating a worship filled, leadership led, motivational event for Austin’s women.  This year is the first time we’ll have 12 churches and ministries partnering with us from all over Central Texas.

If you want to read a book review of one of Annie or Kasey’s books, you can visit the AustinOaksWomen blog.  A special thanks to Nicole Scott and Meghan Congdon for the reviews!

Come hear what these speakers have to say to you and let’s get our Brave on!!

Can’t wait to see you there!






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