Organize Your Holiday in 5 Steps

As I install my new Ring digital doorbell, I’m reminded of all the packaging and cords that come with a new item.  From usb cords to chargers, electronic gadgets require accessories that need to be stored but can never be found when needed, unless left out all the time.

So, when you are unwrapping presents with your family and friends, here are a few tips to keep it organized and well-managed (ie. sane.)  With a few items at the ready, you can have a less stressful, cleaner holiday gathering.

Once the time has come and it’s present opening time, here are 5 steps to make it go more smoothly.  These are inexpensive ideas that you can train your family to do this year and will make your family time and future days more enjoyable.

First, bring a wrapping paper and trash receptacle to the present opening.  Remember, there will be lots of cameras taking pix, so to keep it classy, wrap a big box with wrapping paper to throw in all the ripped wrapping and unwanted ribbon and bows.  A plain trash bag will do if you prefer a more organic look.



Once the unwrapping begins, soon people will be un-packaging.  Secondly, have some wire cutters, scissors, masking tape (or washi tape) and a sharpie ready in a kit to keep things safe and moving along smoothly and to stay organized.


As people open their gifts, there will be usb cords, chargers, adapters, and more wires to keep track of in your house.  Thirdly, label them before they get lost in the sea of cords.  Put on the label the name of the device owner, product brand, name of product (and year if you want.)


Who knew we’d have so many of these necessary cords to keep track of over the years of asking for a new phone, digital doorbell, or an e-reader?  Add up all the people in your house and all their electronic items and it gets messy quickly.

There are inexpensive ways of keeping these items stored after they are labeled.  I found these ideas on Pinterest.  Fourthly, each person in the home may actually need their own plastic box with a lid to keep track of these throughout the years.


I’ve tried the toilet paper tube organization with my crayons and markers in a shoe box and it works well!  With all your extra guests at the holidays, you will be going through the tp and recycling those tubes daily!

Lastly, if you have instructions to a lot of gifts, you can organize them in a 3 ring binder with page protectors.  You could have a library of binders, one per child or per type of instructions like games, Legos, electronic toys, etc.

Being prepared for the holiday influx of papers, trash, people and cords is going to give you a sense of control over your holidays and make cleaning up so much easier.  And you will know which cord belongs to which persons e-reader.  And that will bring you a little peace so you can enjoy your book more.

Happy Holidays!



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