The Essence of Jesus Book

I love Matthew Tart’s The  Essence of Jesus, Essential Oils and the Story of the Cross book. As an avid student of the Bible, I had questions about how plants and essential oils played part in the lives of the ancient culture.  His book has filled in some things for me. He states that even a basic understanding of essential oils, “allows us to interpret details that might normally remain confusing, unimportant, and even overlooked.”

You can order his 50 page book, which is a great essential oil tool, here.  Below are some social media posts I made for my Shawn’s Oily Testimonies Facebook page after reading this great resource.  I, too, believe that his book will help your faith in Jesus deepen.


I’m ordering more soon!  I want to pass this out to people who are interested in starting with essential oils and who are on my team!

Thanks, Matthew for publishing this and making it available to us!   I support those who share their enthusiasm for Jesus and essential oils!  Especially Young Living Essential Oils!!

Go here to see more about starting with oils with me and join my team.

Feel free to use these graphics to help your business, please keep Matthew Tart’s name intact.




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