God uses fungus

I wondered how the birdseed was ending up yards away at the foot of my door and randomly resting on my doormat, each time it rained.  It was a quick observation that got put on the back burner of my mind several times this spring.  It didn’t cause me alarm or make me think second about it.

It wasn’t until I had some extra time at home one morning to go outside and feed the birds and enjoy their sounds of excitement waiting for the all clear to take advantage of the tiny round seeds and nuts.

As I crossed the threshold of my door stepping over the seed like things on my wet outside doormat to enter the house, I took a second thought to why there was seed there.  How did it get there?  We’ve had a black tufted titmouse crashing into the back door seeing his reflection on the glass from time to time.  Did he drop it there?  There were no other birds usually came that close to the house.


So, I bent over and touched the tiny dot and realized it was stuck on the fibers of the mat.  Weird.  It must be some creature, smaller than the spiral shelled slugs that appear on the patio after a rain.  It always appeared in the morning after the rain.  Upon giving it a third thought,  a closer look and touching it, I realized it was a fungus.  There is a tiny mushroom like forest, taking  up residency in the moist environment on the place I shuffle my feet before entering my kitchen.

Either the air, my dog’s fur, or my soles deposited some microscopic spores which lay dormant until the right climate came.  They grew overnight and seemed to just appear there in the morning, making me question their existence.

I love writing this and realizing how God slowed me down, gave me a curious mind for nature, and inspired me to take a picture of it.  He prompted me to write about it, not knowing the outcome.

As I pick words to describe the event that lead me writing this on my iPad in this chair, I am hearing him remind me to slow down and worship him.  The little natural discovery this morning was him calling me to himself.  To worship him in awe and quiet.  He knew I needed to just sit still and let my heart beat slow and breath freely.

My schedule for today was less hectic and I hadn’t filled every moment with a to do from my list.  I’ve learned the value of unscheduled time.  Just to get into nature and slow down.  To serve others who rely on me, like the birds for their grains and nuts.  It brings me joy to breathe deep in the quiet and focus on my creator who sends the birds to my feeders, so I could hear their songs and see their beauty.  So I would step over the fungus on my patio and question it three times before concluding what it was and how did it get there.

Thank you, God for creating me this way and drawing me to this restorative time with you.  I like hanging out with you.  You fill my soul.


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Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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