YL Beauty School

This Young Living journey God has put me on has been filled with education, community and excitement. It wasn’t my idea to go to Beauty School in Houston, but God wanted me there.

I was was happy to have my partner,  Amy McCollum, of Two F.A.T. Ladies (2FL) fill me in on all the details of beauty school.  However, God knew I needed to experience the event.


You see, Amy and I are F-aithful, A-vailable, T-eachers of Young Living Essential Oils. We both attended YL Convention 2015 in Dallas and YL Covention 2016 in Salt Lake City.  Attending each of these event fills us with knowledge about the company, hear from the founder, the CEO, and many of the company leaders teach about the chemistry and marketing techniques of working for this multi level marketing firm.  Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and has become a third family for us, behind our natural and church families.

We can trust what we are taught about essential oils, supplements, body and oral care, etc.; because the people teaching us use the products. In fact, many of these leaders bought into the company with no intention of working for the company.  They wanted high quality essential oils to use at home.  Then they realized the benefits, saw changes in their lives and family members lives improved, so they realized ordering monthly had rewards and benefits.  They spent less on better products and shared with their extended families and friends.  They educated themselves at classes and symposiums, conventions and schools.

We heard from YL executives, managers, doctors, royal crown diamonds, diamonds and platinums. Topics ranges from history of skin care, inner beauty, chemicals to avoid all the way to epigenetics.

There was a step by step training of skin care application using our YL Beauty Boxes.  We got photo facials to reveal problem areas of our individual faces, and samples of the best essential oil beauty products with ZERO synthetic ingredients.


Now, it’s our turn to share and teach you about these wonderful, restoring products that will change how you feel and look.  Stay tuned to our social media and we’ll give you opportunities to attend beauty classes, so you can have healthier skin and feel great about yourself!

Thank God for the plants he gave us to use for our faces and bodies!

About shawneepooh

Oily experimenter, Avid Pinner, Social Media student, Bible reader, Fun friend, Great wife, Wonderful mama!

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