CHRISTmas Gift Ideas

Who are the people who are the hardest to buy for in your life?  We all can think of someone, whether it’s a family member, a friend, a teacher or a colleague.  This list may inspire you to get your wife, your best friend, or your coach a gift that will connect them to you […]

Best Gift Ever!

When I turned 40, I asked a couple of friends to throw me a party.  They did and it was really special!  Several of my great friends came, including my bestie from out of state.  There was food and drinks, cake and flowers. Best of all, there were sweet relationships from many different areas of […]

Open House

Over the last two years, I’ve collected Young Living essential oils and products and found them to be wonderful!  I had to test to see if they really worked before I’d join the business team. I am not the kind of person who sells just to sell.  In fact, I’m more of a sharer.  I’m […]

U R Invited!! Brave Women’s Conference

Ya’ll, I’m so excited for the 2016 Brave Women’s Conference (Brave) to get here October 7-8th! I’ve been part of helping plan it for several years, this is the 5th year for it to be in Austin. This year’s keynote speakers…yes, we have two, are Annie F. Downs and Kasey Van Norman.  These ladies are […]

New YL Products that EXCITE me!

The two OTC, over the counter, products which are available today are:   Have a cough or sore throat, the Thieves Cough Drops have new ingredients to help subside your symptoms.  The science behind the products is top notch and the beautiful thing about all Young Living products is they are all natural (and most […]

Food Journey: Feelings and Food

It’s been a while since I’ve written, because I’ve been in a free fall with my emotions.  My last post I wrote about my out of control eating. Knowing I was emotionally congested, I chose to eliminate a feeling suppressing medication from my daily routine. Before I quit Zoloft, I couldn’t cry.  I could barely […]

Feelings Lesson: Sadness

It’s May and time for graduations.  I am reading on my Facebook feed how sad mamas are to have their youngest child graduate preschool.  I also see pictures of kids graduating from high school to soon attend college or from college to enter the workforce.  I almost have a high school junior, so it will […]

Guest Post: Re-remembering Young Living Oils

By Tracy Belcher Between 12 and 20 years ago, I was introduced to Young Living Oils. Peace and Calming was my first. I only remember that, at the time, I was super-stressed and tired. Very, very tired. You know, that special kind of tired; the tired that does not allow for sleep. My best friend […]

My Fav Travel Protection

I used to always get sick after flying home to see my family, and I’d spend the first week medicated.  I finally got smart! Now when I travel, I use my secret weapon to stay healthy.  I use it in the airport, in the car, at rest stops, in hotels, at restaurants.  I can use […]

Woman Rant: Receipt Hell

If I hear, “Would you like your receipt with you or in the bag?” one more time, I think I’ll just walk away.  Each time I check out somewhere I’m expected to take a receipt.  I have to decide where to put it and the easiest solution is in my purse. I’m so sick of […]